Books on or about Hank Williams

Many have asked, just how many books on Hank Williams are there? So compiled here is a list of the books where Hank is either the prominent, or part of the predominate subject of the book. Obviously, he is mentioned or has small sections in many other books, but there are too many of those books to list here.

The books here are listed in Chronilogical order by the title, the author(s), followed by the year the book was published along with its publisher. If a book was republished, revised, 2nd printing, etc…, only the first printing was listed.

Life Story of Our Hank Williams

By Lillie Williams as told to Allen Rankin

1953 – Philbert Publications

Hank Williams. From Life to Legend

By Jerry Rivers

1967 – Heather Enterprises

Hank Williams, The Legend

By Thurston Moore

1972 – Heather Enterprises

Beneath The Applause

By Harry Rockwell

1973 – Harry Rockwell

Sing a Sad Song, The Life of Hank Williams

By Roger M. Williams

1973, Ballantine Books

I Saw The Light, The Gospel Life of Hank Williams

By Al Bock

1977- Green Valley Record Store

Hank Williams

By Robert K. Krishef

1978 – Lerner Publications

Hank Williams, Country Music’s Tragic King

By Jay Caress

1979 – Stein and Day Publishing

Your Cheatin’ Heart, A Biography of Hank Williams

By Chet Flippo

1981 – Simon & Schuster

Hank: As We Knew Him

By Sherry Bowers

1982 – The Three Arts Club of Georgiana & Chapman

Hank Williams, A Bio-Bibliography

By George William Koon

1983 – Greenwood Press

The Man Behind The Scenes

By Juanealya McCormick Sutton

1987 – Sutton

Still In Love With You, The Story of Hank & Audrey Williams

By Lycrecia Williams Hoover & Dale Vinicur

1989 – Rutledge Hill Press

Ain’t Nothin’ as sweet as My Baby,

The Story of Hank Williams’ Lost Daughter

By Jett Williams and Pamela Thomas

1990 – Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers

The First Outlaw

By Jim Arp

1990s – Self Published

The Life and Times of Hank Williams

By Arnold Rogers & Bruce Gidoll

1993 – Butler Books

Hank Williams, The Complete Lyrics

By Don Cusic

1993 – St. Martin’s Press

Hank Williams, The Biography

By Colin Escott with George Merritt & William MacEwen

1994 – Little, Brown & Company

The Story Behind The Hank Williams Commemorative Stamp

By Beecher O’Quinn Jr.

1994 – Carter Books

The Essential Hank Williams

By Tim Jones

1996 – Eggman

Elvis, Hank and Me

By Horace Logan with Bill Sloan

1998 – St. Martin’s Press

Lookin’ Back on Hank

By Joe Penny Pennington

1999 – Ultimate Images

My Life As A Musician

By Jimmy Porter

Unknown – Self Published

Hank Williams, Snapshots from the Lost Highway

By Colin Escott & Kira Florita

2001 – Da Capo Press

The Death of Ha nk Williams, The Mystery of his Final Journey

By Ralph Moore

2003 – Ralph Moore

Hank Williams and his Drifting Cowboys

By Steve A. Maze

2004 – Steve Maze

Dear Mama Williams

By Lycrecia Williams Hoover & Dale Vinicur

2004 – Audrey’s Dream Inc.

Settin’ The Woods On Fire, Confessions of Hank’s Steel Guitar Player

By Don Helms as told to Dale Vinicur

2005 – Audrey Dream Inc.

Lovesick Blues, The Life of Hank Williams

By Paul Hemphill

2005 – Vicking Press

Hankin’ Around

By Steve A. Maze

2006 – Steve Maze

Ramblin’ Man, Short Stories from the Life of Hank Williams

By Brian Turpen

2007 – Old Paths, New Dreams Publishing